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Music Scholarships for my students


Hope everyone’s havin’ a rockin’ day. I just recieved a message from this nice lady that works for both the National Guitar Workshop and DayJams who wants to offer exclusive to my students 4 scholarships to my most deserving and dedicated students. I’m giving out (2) $500 scholarships (ages 14-adult) to the National Guitar Workshop and (2) $250 scholarships (ages 8-17) towards any DayJams program. These are just partial scholarships, but a great opportunty none the less.

“We hope that you have a few students you feel would deeply benefit from participating in one of these programs this summer! The student you elect need not be an advanced players and can be as young as 8 or as old as 80. If they demonstrate a drive, passion, and seriousness for their instrument, we want them to have the chance to nourish their love of music through instruction and application at National Guitar Workshop or DayJams.” – Crystal Phelps

The NGW (National Guitar Workshop) program runs in LA July 11-16 at Loyola Marymount University. The recipients of the certificate can use it at any of the locations such as here in CT, VA, IL or even TX.

The DayJams program will run 7/19