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Happy Halloween

Welcome back,

Hope everyone had a great summer and spent a lot of time at the beach. I’ve been on hiatus lately in between laptops so I haven’t had much time to get the blog back on the up and up. Couple things to look forward to in the near future; The Big 4 concert in Indio feat. Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax, My Summer Tour Across the U.S., and more importantly My Birthday in Vegas which was celebrated last month (and maybe a bit into this month as well).

Everything in general is goin’ really well. I’ve got my ProTools back up and running on my new computer and am looking forward to recording new material on something other than my old digital 4-track. The last thing I started on sounded like something out of a horror film, but before that the last thing I finished sounded like a gospel track meant only to be played at church. I’ll be experimenting with new sounds until I find out what’s best for a sound as a whole.

Since I’ve been M.I.A. I’ve been noticing a lot of familiar faces wondering whether or not I’ve moved. Not even close, as a matter of fact this week marks my 10 year anniversary as a resident of Pacific Beach. I’ve just been busy training, preparing, and jumping around too much to feel local. I recently played a gig out in Lakeside where I played every song off my first album Skate, Rock, Die!!! for a skatepark benefit and continued through my catalog using 5 of my favorite guitars. The gig went well and I hope they get that skatepark built soon. I also played a wedding this summer out at the Rancho Bernardo Inn out in North County. I played with a few awesome musicians that fit the bill perfect and wouldn’t mind doing another one sometime. When I’m not in San Diego, I’ve been headed out to Temecula for a session with my student Matthew before heading out to either L.A. or Palm Springs depending on what events are going on. So, I’m still here I’m just busy.

Some of the work that’s been keeping my hands tied are my transcriptions via GuitarPro 6. For the last 15 years, (seriously, since 2004 or so) I’ve been transcribing and taking notes as handwritten documents that I’ve used to help study up before my sessions. With the laptop my training and transcribing have been sped up tenfold using the GuitarPro to make audiofiles, as well as professional transcriptions, that I can use in an effecient mannor. This summer I finished the Metallica Riff-By-Riff series which timed out well with huge concert event this summer. It was fun to relearn the material and make the process a lot more simple than it was previously. This doesn’t include the work that I’ve been doing with the Guitar Player and Guitar World lessons. Although Guitar World provides a good amount of video footage to go along with their lessons, popping them into GuitarPro is simply easier and more hands on.

If you missed out this summer, I did another gig out at DayJams this year. Had a great time forming some killer bands and getting some exposure as a beginning guitar instructor and a shred clinic master. It was my first public shred clinic and I did a lot of material using technique that I’ve been working on the last year or so such as sweep picking, arpeggios, string skipping, and tapping. The class had a lot of students from all different levels and I seriously got down to business. The best part of DayJams was getting some of my crew out there teaching and taking names and that’s a really big deal.

One last thing before I forget, I joined up at a local website called that makes fretboard stickers for your scales if you needed any help soloing and such. Be sure to check them out if you get a chance!

Have a killer Halloween.


Jason Martin