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Atomic Bob U.S. Tour #2 with Voyage-Air Guitar part 1

Welcome back!

For the last few months since the summer I’ve been a bit busy jamming on my guitars so I hadn’t gotten the chance to share my experience traveling around the country with everyone. I went to New York last Christmas and drove across the country to get there. This year I did the exact opposite and started off in New York and traveled back to San Diego. As a musician who is stoked to have the greatest travel guitar in the world I decided it would be a great idea to document my experience and show you how much fun I had along the way. Once again, Voyage-Air Guitars I owe a huge thanks too!

The trip started off in San Diego on the 4th of July. At the airport here is where I saw the huge firework show on the bay. It had to be the biggest show I had seen in years. My Voyage-Air Guitar and my backpack were the only two things I brought with me which made getting through the airport such a breeze. The backpack for this thing fit great in the overhead, and that has to have saved me over a hundred bucks so far. I also brought my skateboard I got from my gig in Lakeside this summer and stashed is in the backpack under my seat which saved some more flow. The flight was great and I touched down in Philly before taking a 30 min flight to the big city.

It was good to be back in the area as I was just here 6 months earlier coming from the other direction. Seeing some of the same sights in the summer was a huge relief. Last time I was in town was the first time I had seen snow in over a decade which happened to be during the biggest storm of the year and ended up sick after walking around the city with a shoe that had a hole in the soul from skateboarding around Pacific Beach.

Upon my arrival, my friend Jen (better known as birthday girl that day) picked me up from the airport and we went to partake in some birthday/4th of July celebrations. I was very impressed looking around the city to see how many American flags were flying around. A few of the places started looking familiar right off the bat which was nice. The last time I came out I saw a few deer in a park called Robert Moses which was a beach, then covered in snow, now warm and sunny. I brought my Voyage-Air Guitar with me and spent a good chunk of the day playing guitar in the sand. The sand at this beach was unlike the sand here on the west coast. It was larger and course which I viewed as “cleaner” than normal beach sand. Since this was the place to be I stuck around till sunset and then went back on to start off the rest of my 2nd U.S. Tour.

New York is right next to New Jersey and Jen’s brother lives there so we had a place to stay. Since we were in the New Jersey area, we were also right next to Hoboken which I’d seen on the Food Network as the home of the Cake Boss/Carlos Bakery. Getting there early was a must, but even as early as we were there was still a line about 2 hours long which I found out was pretty typical. This bakery was the most famous bakery that I’d ever been to and well worth the wait. The guy that was holding the line down was related to Buddy the Cake Boss and started telling stories of his family and celebrities that had recently been in the area. Inside the bakery there wasn’t a line, everyone was given a number and had plenty of time to decide what to get while they were waiting. There were pictures of cakes all over the place and the famous “seats” where the Cake Boss would to his consultations. I don’t remember exactly what we got, but it was delicious and there was some crumb cake that lasted until the last day of the tour that was pretty good.

The next stop out of Hoboken was Philidelphia, PA where I’ve seen skate footage of the F.D.R. park in some skate videos for the last 5 years. To get a chance to go skate there is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Rolling into Philly, the first thing that I noticed was a series of Cheesesteak shops that made the area famous. Growing up in Alaska, one of the favorite jobs that I had as a teenager was working for a hoagie shop called Jersey Subs. The owner, Chris, taught me everything there was to making a great philly. Since then I’ve been trying to find a philly that could live up to their name. I tell ya what, Philly could actually come in a close second to their shop. Great hoagies in Philly.