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Atomic Bob Goes to the Liver Walk 2012

We’re back!

After another long year Atomic Bob and his crew known as Nuclear Waste feat. Nick Wallace of Team Nicholas via Day Jams So-Cal took the stage at the Annual Liver Walk at the San Diego Zoo this month.

For those who don’t know, my student Nick Wallace was born with a rare disease in his liver known as “Biliary Atresia” for which he is in need of a transplant. I’ve known Nick for a few years now and have had the pleasure of working with him to help build his confidence as a guitarist and performing musician. His story is unique and it’s an incredible experience to watch how events unfold themselves to see how much heart this guy has as well as how much love and respect he gets from his peers. This year we were set to perform 2 songs of his choice with his sister Lexi and Day Jams staff and alumni Christy, Noah, and Gabe. Following would be a variety 20min setlist featuring Lexi on drums and a collaboration featuring Christy on acoustic guitar and vox.

The morning took shape with a solid set up at 6am while mingling with the house DJ I’ll call Thriller. As the crowd poured in so did the anticipation for the gig following the main event, the Liver Walk. Booth tents started popping up and the sun kept rising to which everyone registered and got their pre-workout set. Thriller was the opening act who was given some heart pumping music to rock out to by a great personal trainer who got eveyone stretched out and ready to go.

Nick who not only was going to headline the show later on was brought up to the stage before the walk for some very special announcements. There was a lot of love being spread around and Nick was able to share how much it meant to him that there were so many people out there who all want to support his cause. He gave some quick great shout outs and low and behold also started the race.

After the race took off I noticed a familiar bunch of characters that I’ve seen before in a popular movie called Star Wars. Chewy and his gang were there and they were there to support the cause. I stayed behind for some soundcheck and as the people did the walk I was also able to observe the immensity of how big this walk has gotten. There were definitely thousands of people who made it out this year which is great because I heard the first year that the Liver Walk took place there were only 28 people.

After the race there were a few technical difficulties that prevented Nuclear Waste from performing right away (power generator went out), but luckily Day Jams Christy was there to play a solid set of acoustic songs to keep the crowd entertained. We took the stage shortly after and had an amazing performance. Everyone did great and it was a pleasure to see a lot of hard work pay off.

If you would like more information about Team Nicholas I am doing a showcase benefit at Queen Bee’s in North Park June 9th, 2012 from 1-3pm where you will be able to learn more about his charity and contribute some support for yourself! Come on out!