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Never Say Never

Atomic Bob

In 2005 I was a mess.

I had been a recording artist for about 7 years and had decided I wanted to go further into the hard rock genre. There was so much going on with Myspace, CD’s were still happening, people were still allowed to drink on the beach. But even though I had a new song or recording I was giving away every few weeks, Jason Mraz had officially taken the Jason M title, and little did I know that less than a year later there would be a kid named Bieber that would have taken the title of my latest track.

“Never Say Never” was a product of that, plus a lot of built up aggression. After breaking up with my ex-girlfriend I still had a lot to prove musically and now I had the freedom to do it. This was long before I had gotten into ProTools, and all I had to record on was this little BOSS BR-532 (which I still have and use today).

It came about as a guitar riff where I didn’t repeat myself the entire song. If you listen close, you can hear the little nuances in between chugs that really hit it hard. I was really proud of the drums, the way they build up and change at the right spots and the climax at the end where they cut out and come back in was very cool for me to do since I was my own producer.

10 years later, it’s still streaming. Which is great, cause I couldn’t find a master to make a CD if you paid me. Click and enjoy!

Never Say Never from the Atomic Bob on Myspace.