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Previously Unreleased


I wanted to start the day off recording some new tracks that I’ve been writing over the last few weeks. I figured after a few shots of espresso and some exercise I would be ready to roll.

The plan was to keep clearing space in old memory cards to keep things fresh and ultimately keep me from running out of recording time. So I deleted the last recording, heard a track or two of some shredding I could get rid of, but then I ran into some “previously unreleased” material. In other words, stuff I have no memory ever recording. Some of it is blues, some of it is metal, some of it is dark and moody and oddly enough acoustic.

I had to hold on to a few of them. When I make my next album (Which the process has already begun) I should have a nice back catalog of material to pull from.

Also, by cleaning up some space I made it possible for some major adjustments. Maybe I can add some new vocal tracks or add in some drums.