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Smoke on the Water


So I finished the recoding of “Smoke on the Water” the other day and got everything uploaded to Reverbnation where it looks like about 50 of you have seen the post, but only 8 of you clicked to listen to it. It’s cool man, it’s a cover and I ain’t gonna pay ya to listen to it.

The whole process of making the song really kinda came about on accident after I just wanted to record something and solo over the top of it. So I look down on the table and see the new issue of Guitar World magazine and there is was. The first couple of takes was just about having something to solo over, and as I got into it I realized that there was a different rhythm part for the solo that I never really paid attention to. Now, I couldn’t just have a guitar solo over a backing rhythm I’d never heard, so I decided to fit it all together to make it work.

It was kinda like making a puzzle. I had parts that worked, then parts that needed to be rehashed, then parts that needed some editing and then there were the new parts that I had to learn. The whole point was just to get a chance to do a guitar solo, then in the end I stayed pretty true to the original and that’s just what needed to be done.

Anyway, here is the new track straight from SoundCloud.