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Whiskey Road

Atomic BobI was able to finish another track yesterday that I used from the same Guitar World as before. The name of this song is “Whiskey Road” and was one of the last songs that Dimebag Darrell recorded before he passed away. I think that’s the story anyway. It sounds like something that he might have done with David Allen Coe, Damageplan or even some of the vocals feel like he used Zakk Wylde as an influence.

I used a spoken word approach to match the vocal style and listening back to the original I realize my voice isn’t near deep enough. The other bad news is that this is only half the song, so you’ll have to wait a while before I finish the whole thing.

I used a 12-string guitar that was doubled on both sides and brought in the bass around the 3rd time through along with the drums. At the end of the song there is an allusion to a second half of the song coming with a distorted electric guitar coming in as the song fades.