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Guitar Heaven

NAMM Atomic Bob

Going to NAMM for almost a half decade now, I've seen a lot of big name companies come up and get bigger and others fade away and disappear. As a guest of Voyage-Air Guitars way back when I first came to the NAMM Show, I was allowed to go to the show, but since I had a yellow badge →

Meeting Great People at NAMM 2015

Atomic Bob Rita Haney

One of the best parts for me is meeting up with all the cool people at NAMM. There are so many stories behind all the relationships that people make while there and for a few for many of the years surrounding that time. While passing the Reunion Blues booth at NAMM, the word "reunion" pretty much sums it →

A Couple Guitars I Checked Out at NAMM

Atomic Bob

This year at NAMM was totally cool. Not only did I get published and receive an endorsement, but I also got to try a ton of new gear. Everything from the Fender room, to Schecter, Gibson, Taylor, Jackson, ESP, Line 6 and everything in between. Since it would take a month to talk about all these different →


Sin and Atomic Bob

I remember discovering metal around the time I got into high school around the age of 14. One of the first bands that I got into when I started listening to this kind of music was a band called Ministry. They had this album called (In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up) Live, that was... amazing. →