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Meeting Great People at NAMM 2015

One of the best parts for me is meeting up with all the cool people at NAMM. There are so many stories behind all the relationships that people make while there and for a few for many of the years surrounding that time. While passing the Reunion Blues booth at NAMM, the word “reunion” pretty much sums it up. You see the same faces and plenty of new faces and you miss people and didn’t get a chance to see others. It’s really quite incredible. Leaving NAMM on day 2 a lady that follows me on Instagram stopped me and told me that she had just walked by Stevie Wonder. NAMM is chalked full of those experiences and in a lot of cases, those experiences can lead into opportunities.

On Day 3 I stopped by Studio Devil to say hi to my friends from the Metallica tribute band Damaged Inc. Most of the band was out getting more beer. But looking up I saw Rita Haney, Dimebag Darrell’s girlfriend who I had met at the Rockstar Mayhem a couple years back when I entered the Schecter “shred contest”. Later I saw Rita at Schecter and she was looking for tickets to the after party so she could get a cocktail and without question I gave her mine. I had been up since 5am anyway and it was no big deal. Speaking of the infamous shred contest reminds me of who I met after the contest. Mastadon and Five Finger Death Punch were playing and it was about to get dark when I realized I didn’t have my keys on me. I had them on my belt loop and they must have fallen off while I was on stage. So… I had to find my way backstage to get my keys. It took a while, but while my last resort was digging around backstage who comes out from the back but John 5. He seemed to remember me from the last time I saw him when I gave him a copy of my last real song that got some airplay back in ’07. This year I saw him again at NAMM and it was just good to see him again. Metal Sanaz was there back at the shred contest and has since become one of my friends at NAMM, partially because she was doing a TRadioV show with my guitar instructor, Sin Quirin… who I also hang out with at NAMM.

This year Sin was doing a pretty big signing because he had some awesome endorsements coming out and he brought with him the main man of Ministry, Al Jorgenson. Al is one of the original frontmen of my upbringing as a musician and I’m such a huge fan. I got to meet AL a couple times this year and what an experience. I hate to say Al was royally wasted, but oh my god he was hammered. Totally true to his rockstardom it was truly an honor to meet him and be introduced by Sin as a “good friend” of his, which really meant a lot. Afterwards, Al said he had just pissed in the corner and had he known I was Sin’s friend we wouldn’t have shook my hand because he just pissed on it and then he told to me immediately go was my hands. Luckily, I won some hand sanitizer at the Musicians Friend booth that day and was spraying it on non-stop the rest of the show.

Hanging out with Sin and Sanaz led me to meet D Rock Deeds from LA and after passing by a few times we got to hang out for a couple hours and tell stories waiting to meet up with the “hired guns” crew where Nita Strauss from Alice Cooper and the Iron Maidens and Dave Ellefson of Megadeth were doing a signing. I saw D Rock passing by while I was saying hi to the guy that made up my Atomic Bob guitar picks over at PickWorld. Besides meeting up with the rockers, some of the best relations are the people that run the booths. I know a lot of artists already, but besides… there are a lot of inventors, creators, builders, artist and relation people and CEO’s that are just fun to bump into because NAMM is such an environment that everyone is inspired at. It’s just a great time, and I think I have the most fun.

Last year I had bumped into Art from the band Everclear outside since he was doing some things with the John Lennon bus, and this year I saw him at Fender and had to get a picture with him. Art’s such a cool guy, just to hang out and chat with. This year he’s going to be on tour with another one of my favorite bands, the Toadies.

Randomly, I got to hang out and play trombone with the comedian Sinbad this year. It’s not even the first time I’ve seen Sinbad at a big music even like this. I actually took a class with Sinbad at the ASCAP EXPO a few years ago the same year I won my Voyage-Air Guitar. Speaking of, that’s who I didn’t get to see this year were my friends from Voyage-Air. I’m sure they were there, but they didn’t have a booth set up and it’s so hard to try and connect with people once you’re in there because the place is so big.

I can’t thank Maria from TakeLessons enough for all the great hook ups and got to see her pass by in the hall. I got a picture with the nice lady from G7th the Capo Company. Meeting people like her for the 4th year in a row really starts to help make the experience worthwhile. I got an endorsement from them this year and they also won best in show for add on and accessory. Congrats to them!!

I’m sure I’m leaving a lot of people out and there were a lot of people who I saw that I haven’t mentioned, and I’m sure there are more pics that I just forgot to add, but that’s part of the fun of NAMM. And that’s how I like to remember it.

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