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I remember discovering metal around the time I got into high school around the age of 14. One of the first bands that I got into when I started listening to this kind of music was a band called Ministry. They had this album called (In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up) Live, that was… amazing. I immediately bought the VHS of the same show and probably watched that thing about 1000 times. After learning to play guitar and becoming influenced by this band, I followed their career buying up all their albums. Often I would buy multiple copies of the same album I liked them so much. In 2008, I was able to go see them in concert on their CULATOUR which was supposed to be their last tour. That’s where I first me Sin Quirin. Sin was this really cool guy who became their guitar player after being recruited from The Revolting Cocks by Ministry leader Al Jorgenson. Sin was hanging out in the crowd after the show and I went up to say hi and he gave me one of his guitar picks. I met Sin a few more times both in San Diego and LA when he would play in his other bands, The Revolting Cocks and The Great Americon. He’s a very cool and professional musician who I now get to look up to as a guitar instructor. This year, he was lucky enough to have a signature model guitar that debuted at the 2015 NAMM. If I had to pick any guitar to add to my wish list this year, this one would be pretty high up there!

Sin and Atomic Bob