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Making Goals!!

Rock N’ Roll,

So far 2015 has been high octane and I’ve got the pedal to the metal. I’ve been doing great at achieving my fitness goals and even won a 90-Day Fitness Challenge where I was able to win a couple bucks by sticking to a solid training schedule and maintaining a consistent eating regimen.

In achieving this success I thought it would also be appropriate to set some goals as far as my music is going. I started off the year by recording covers by bands like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Dimebag Darrell, Black Label Society and Judas Priest. From there, I think it’s time to reset my focus back to writing my own tunes. I’ve been taking drum lessons from Shawn Drover of Act of Defiance for the last few months and if I combine that with what I’ve learned from Ministy’s own Sin Quirin, I might have the makings of something worth recording.

In order to do this there are still a few things that need to happen. I need to set and maintain some goals. By committing to a project there is a few steps that need to be taken. I’ve had students ask me to help them write songs in certain styles for the last few years and I think that has given me a sort of platform to start my approach from.

My first goal that I’ll be making will be writing riffs. I’ve been hearing things in the media about how many riffs Kirk Hammett has already written for their next album and I think that would be a great place to start my project. So far, Kirk has 250 riffs down for review before adding them to Metallica’s arsenal. I think it would be a great plan to try and match that.

Before trying to tackle too much, I think it’s important to start with one idea to watch and see if it’ll set spark a fire for other ideas. For example, there is no reason to say that I’ll write and record 250 songs during this project. It’s also going to be important to focus on the quality of the riff. In order to do this without getting caught up in the recording process, I’ll be using a couple different methods. The digital 4-track that I used during the early part of the year should do just fine for riff writing. As should the app I have on my phone that records digitally and has a time edit feature. Once the riff is created I’ll put it into a visual format for guitar pro and take another analysis to make adjustments for rhythm changes, tempo changes, maybe see if it could use some extra variety in terms of double-stops/slides/hammer-ons, etc. and see if it’s possible to keep it in a solid progression.

The idea behind all this is going to be attitude. I know what I like and I know how to get it, now that the goal has been set it’s time to put it to practice.

See you guys again soon!!

Atomic Bob