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Making Goals!!

Rock N' Roll, So far 2015 has been high octane and I've got the pedal to the metal. I've been doing great at achieving my fitness goals and even won a 90-Day Fitness Challenge where I was able to win a couple bucks by sticking to a solid training schedule and maintaining a consistent eating regimen. In achieving this success →

Guitar Heaven

NAMM Atomic Bob

Going to NAMM for almost a half decade now, I've seen a lot of big name companies come up and get bigger and others fade away and disappear. As a guest of Voyage-Air Guitars way back when I first came to the NAMM Show, I was allowed to go to the show, but since I had a yellow badge →

Meeting Great People at NAMM 2015

Atomic Bob Rita Haney

One of the best parts for me is meeting up with all the cool people at NAMM. There are so many stories behind all the relationships that people make while there and for a few for many of the years surrounding that time. While passing the Reunion Blues booth at NAMM, the word "reunion" pretty much sums it →

A Couple Guitars I Checked Out at NAMM

Atomic Bob

This year at NAMM was totally cool. Not only did I get published and receive an endorsement, but I also got to try a ton of new gear. Everything from the Fender room, to Schecter, Gibson, Taylor, Jackson, ESP, Line 6 and everything in between. Since it would take a month to talk about all these different →


Sin and Atomic Bob

I remember discovering metal around the time I got into high school around the age of 14. One of the first bands that I got into when I started listening to this kind of music was a band called Ministry. They had this album called (In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up) Live, that was... amazing. →

Whiskey Road

Atomic Bob

I was able to finish another track yesterday that I used from the same Guitar World as before. The name of this song is "Whiskey Road" and was one of the last songs that Dimebag Darrell recorded before he passed away. I think that's the story anyway. It sounds like something that he might have done with →

Smoke on the Water


So I finished the recoding of "Smoke on the Water" the other day and got everything uploaded to Reverbnation where it looks like about 50 of you have seen the post, but only 8 of you clicked to listen to it. It's cool man, it's a cover and I ain't gonna pay ya to listen to it. The whole process →

Ready to Bounce


Yesterday I mentioned that I was working on the classic riff "Smoke on the Water" originally by Deep Purple. I finished setting up and arranging the drum sequence this morning using the built-in rhythm machine from the BR-532, and re did the vocals this afternoon. I had bounced two rhythm guitars together yesterday and deleted them today so →

Recordings Sounding Good


I spent most of the day teaching old guitar solos that I haven't played in a while and got inspired to really break my recordings down into a more basic structure. If that doesn't make sense, I can play both rhythm and lead well so by recording something simple it should help me simplify what I need to do →

Help Henry Derek of Thrown Into Exile


As most of you heard, Chris Broderick left Megadeth with Shawn Drover and decided to start a new band that has yet to be named. Last week they announced they had a new vocalist that is also a member of the band Thrown Into Exile. I saw this post from Chris Broderick yesterday and had to contribute. →



I've been playing Jimi Hendrix tunes since the time I first picked up the guitar. I can still remember listening to songs like "Machine Gun" off Band of Gypsys and being blown away by what he could do on the guitar. Since then, I've been a big fan of a lot of the more blues side of his playing. →



It occurred to me that not everyone out there has a USTREAM account or in some cases the ability to play one of my USTREAM videos once they have been shared. Looking into it, I found a file converter that allowed me to upload my lick to YouTube. So here is a glimpse at some of the licks I've been →

Previously Unreleased


I wanted to start the day off recording some new tracks that I've been writing over the last few weeks. I figured after a few shots of espresso and some exercise I would be ready to roll. The plan was to keep clearing space in old memory cards to keep things fresh and ultimately keep me from running →

Twenty Three


Ultimate Guitar has officially deleted all the tracks that I had uploaded to their database for preview. So I wanted to re-upload some older material. One of the songs that I stumbled upon was probably the 2nd song I ever recoded. Although there are no vocals and the drums stay static, I really like this one. The guitar is →

Guitar Solo

Atomic Bob at The infamous brickwall

Amazing Fantasy #1 was a guitar solo that came about with the help of my Line 6 BackTrack. I hadn't been able to use my ProTools for a while, and even when I do use it I have a tough time getting the guitar to sound how I would like it to sound without using a proper mic. When you →

Atomic Bob guitar picks to be released at NAMM 2015.


They're coming. Though I would much rather say that they are here, I couldn't contain myself. PickWorld has let me know that Atomic Bob will have a guitar pick unveiled at the NAMM Show 2015 Booth #5989. I'm getting my first real piece of merch done since I was 16 or 17 years old. Anyone who has an →

Never Say Never

Atomic Bob

In 2005 I was a mess. I had been a recording artist for about 7 years and had decided I wanted to go further into the hard rock genre. There was so much going on with Myspace, CD's were still happening, people were still allowed to drink on the beach. But even though I had a new song or →

Learning to play other styles of music

Today I have a pretty full plate of material to work through. Whether it be writing songs, reading music, composing music, teaching bass, or transposing ukulele (all of which I have set up for the next few hours), I think that it's important for a musician to learn how to be fluent in other styles of music other than →

Streaming Digital Music Pros and Cons

In an era where the music business seems to be going further and further south every year, sometimes I wonder exactly how bad it's going to get. But I come from a generation that bought music in a tangible format. Today everything is streaming and I can tell you, even though it sounds like it's going great, it's →

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

I almost forgot to mention that I got published in this kick ass magazine called Rock N Roll Industries Magazine this last year. My article was called Metal Madness and was featured in the issue with Lita Ford on the Cover. Here is the website if you would like to check them out!

Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2015 is here and I'm going to do my best to keep everyone up to speed on what's new. Things this last year have been productive. I moved back to the beach and lost about 40 pounds. That said, I'm feeling positive that this year should be a nice change back to focusing on my music and →

The G Major Scale

The G Major Scale: Metal has never been widely known for using major scales. I tended not to teach this scale to many students in the past specifically just because it reminded me of Christmas music. However, today I use it on a daily basis primarily because the guitar is a G based instrument and every scale has a →


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NAMM 2013

Hey EVERYONE! Just got back from the most exciting and entertaining music and musicians trade show in the United States! NAMM 2013 was in full force last weekend and I pulled out all the stops to get you the best presentation that it deserved. I got up and out of bed on Friday morning at 3:45am to get on the road →