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A great learning experience!

Jason is a awesome instructor each lesson that i have had has been great. I have never ever picked up a guitar and now that i have my goal is to maybe some day be a musician very thankful to have an instructor like Jason hope he doesnt run out of patience with me! Thanks again!.

Felix B.


I absolutely adored every second with Jason. Even though I was a complete novice, Jason was patient and created a very friendly environment. He encouraged me to choose the lesson plan. Also, knowing that the banjo is typically understood as a blue-grass and southern sound, he opened my ears to Sabbath on the banjo which blew me away and opened the doors to banjo-heavy metal style. He is very versatile and a kick-butt musician. The man can do anything. He is understanding, fun, and encouraging. He never gave-up on me, always made me feel talented and kept me motivated. I will continue to take lessons from Jason. From never touching an instrument before in my life to jamming T. Rex on the banjo in just a month, shows Jason is one great teacher. YOU ROCK!!

Whitney W.

Great teacher!

He's not only a great teacher but an amazing guitarist as well. I've been taking lessons from him for a couple of years now. He truly has a deep passion for music and wants to be able to share that same passion with others. He's very patient and focused on helping you develop as a musician. He's very well organized, setting up lesson plans dedicated to your needs whether it's basic chords, scales, songs or theory. I can't ask for a better teacher.

Mandel L.

Never imagined how great of an experience it would be!

I started playing piano in January and took about 10 lessons in an instructors home. For convenience, I looked into in home lessons and found, which led me to Jason. While I was still learning the basics, Jason immediately challenged me beyond what I thought I was going to be capable of and just when I would think I am not getting this, he would change it up and give me exactly the lesson I needed! While it is an entirely different teaching method than what I was use to, I have found that my skill level has significantly improved! I am still a beginner, but with Jason's leadership, I know I will continue to grow! He provides variety, has amazing technical equipment/software for delivering the lessons, is very patient, yet pushy in a good way, provides lots of materials to practice on your own, and always leaves you feeling good about your desire to play and enjoy music, no matter what your skill level is. And he is very prompt and organized and flexible. All around he is a true professional that I would recommend to anyone! I should also note that while his style of music may seem to be an extreme mismatch from yours, (I love country, classical, and soft rock), he has such a love and appreciation of music, that he makes it feel as if he wrote the songs that I want to learn to play as he is teaching them to me!

Betsy K.

Great teacher

Very very good uke teacher. He goes the extra thousand miles. When I give him my songsheet of what I want to learn He already had played it on his music box to show me the right rhythm. When I got a songsheet that was for guitar he transpose it to ukulele. He listened carefully and give me feedback on how to improve my playing. He showed me the correct finger position for the harder chords and give me ideas of how to practice certain strums. Very nice and professional ! Makes me want to practice my uke more. Thouroughly enjoyable experience !

Anne C.

Great Patient Teacher!

Jason is great! I am in my late 30's with a busy family, and Jason is willing to work around my schedule. I don't have much time to practice, but he is very patient. He molds a lesson to my ability to learn, and gives me assignments to work on based on where I'm at with my experience. He is prompt and follows up with your questions quickly and always willing to help. He explains lessons in detail, and provides positive evaluation. I would highly recommend Jason to be your Guitar teacher!

Lam T.

Jason is so patient and helpful

I started taking ukulele lessons on a whim to be able play songs for my son who is 13 months old. I have never had much success with music. Sometimes my son is napping while I have my lesson, and sometimes he wakes up and I wear him in a carrier. This doesn't frazzle Jason at all who always prepares great lessons for me and quickly simplifies things when he sees me struggling. Even when I feel stressed because my son starts fussing, Jason is cool, kind, and calm. I love my new skill of playing ukulele and am so grateful to Jason for making it possible. He is really good at providing kind support and the right amount of challenge in a lesson. He's also punctual and accommodating with schedule changes. Overall I give Jason an A+.

Lorna F.

Highly recommended!

Our 6 year old daughter loved her Ukulele lessons with Jason and has made great progress with him. Highly recommended!

Francis V.

Well organized site

Jason is both patient and professional. My schedule and practice have not been consistent, even so he has been upbeat and encouraging. This is very helpful for a 54 year old athlete trying to become a banjo player!
Thanks Jason...

Susan D.

good ideas and flexible

I asked Jason to listen to my playing and give me some feedback. He gave me some very good pointers as how to improve my playing. Like holding the note longer on my fingerpicking. He showed me some fingering to make it easier to change chords. He is very pleasant attentive and flexible. I really enjoy him as a teacher.

Anne C.

Great teacher!!!

When I started my guitar lessons on Skype I wasn't sure how well it would work out. It has been perfect. Jason is easily able to correct my playing even when I don't realize I have made a mistake. And the lessons are convenient. Jason has been a great teacher and knows so much about the guitar and music. He is a mass of knowledge. It's amazing. He has tailored each lesson to my needs and I couldn't recommend him enough.

Steve A.

Wonderful guitar teacher. Both my sons enjoyed taking lessons from him. He was very patient and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Amy H

He's super friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. I'm really enjoying my work with Jason!

Jeremy Z

Jason is really good! I am a beginner and he is patient and has great teaching techniques. He clearly knows all aspects of music and is serious about teaching. Highly recommend him.

Ron G.

Jason is very prompt with lessons and always prepared. He meets me at my level of competence and also brings me beyond my comfort zone, so I feel I am learning quickly and challenging myself. He is patient and encouraging. I would not be progressing on the ukulele so well without him!

Linda C.

Jason is an amazing teacher very informative knows his stuff 100% would recomend him to anyone looking to learn to play AWESOME TEACHER

Chad H.

Jason has been teaching my son for about 6 weeks now. My son head dyslexia and other special needs that make learning difficult. Jason has done a wonderful job teaching and sparking my child's joy in music! Excellent teacher. Highly recommended.

Beth J.

Jason is a great teacher! Very prompt and professional with our lessons. He's extremely knowledgeable, not only about the particular instrument, but with music and theory as well. I would highly recommend!

Diana C.

Jason is a very talented teacher. His knowledge and patience are very impressive. I enjoy learning to play the guitar and his methods are so easy to follow.

Claudia B.

Jason's lessons are an effective mix of guitar fundamentals, music theory, and a variety of fun songs that are tailored to the individual student. He has a patient and laid-back approach that allows you to relax and absorb the lesson.

Scott L.

"I'm really enjoying what we are doing, I just think it's fun to go over the songs I've always wanted to play."

Kevin O.

Great First Lesson

Jason has been a great instructor. He gave me some exercises to do at home to work on my finger placement, Chords, picking, and note recognition. I had an instructor before and all he did was talk; Jason really got down to business.

Adam L.

Jason is absolutely amazing! My son Joe has been taking lessons from Jason since January 28th and I am amazed at how much he has learned! Joe has ADD and learning disabilities and Jason is very patient and teaches Joe with awesome methods! Joe really likes Jason and looks forward to his lesson every week! He is practicing hard and is so enthusiastic about becoming a good guitarist! Thank you, Jason, for giving my son an amazing experience! :D

Debra B.

Jason is an excellent instructor! He is great at making beginners feel comfortable with the instrument and with moving at your own pace. He is always encouraging, available to help and easy going. I would definitely recommend him to anyone just starting out!

Cayla S.

Enthusiastic Captivating guitar instruction!

Jason is able to teach you enough with each session so that you will have new stuff to practice and improve each week. NEVER GETS DULL!!! I see improvement every week.

Michael T.

We're very happy!

Susan W.